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Good morning, 

    I am contacting icocountdown because we want to add it as a project with this company.
    We have a really interesting metaverse focus on Music, NFT and different cities of business,
     We are already on the Q4 of a road map and we are really interested in being on your website.
The project is this:
Xavecoin has several business units:1- Xave World. A metaverse mainly focused on Gomusic City, the city of music.A city where people will be able to access live concerts, and exclusive concert catalogues that are not available on Youtube.The user will have the possibility to buy a space (NFT), to organize their events through our streaming technology that transmits up to 8k. We have ticketing technology so that the organizer can charge PPV for the organized events, either in crypto or credit card.Users who have a rehearsal or recording room, for example, can connect a camera system, and transmit live bands within the metaverse so that people who are touring Gomusic City, can go into different places enjoying music from around the world.In this way, the venues will be able to count on a new business unit at an international level.Some of these spaces will also function as Nft galleries.So the experience for the user will not only be from the music side, but they can set the theme of the place, with different pieces of NFT art from different artists.For example, an event can be, musicians from Russia, with digital artists from Russia, and so put together the theme of Russia, and take it to various countries week by week.  
WORLD BUSINESS: The city of business.This city will have auditoriums for different crypto companies to present their projects, and people will have the opportunity to go from one auditorium to another, seeing different projects of their interest.Within this city, there are also spaces for traders, where they can not only have spaces with multi-screens, without having the cost of them. They will also have the space to receive clients from different parts of the world.Thanks to the Getway of payments that we are developing, the people in this district will be able to function as a VENUS Protocol through a Smart Contract. They will be able to offer loans, with interest agreed in advance, and receive profits through this Smart contract, which will prevent scams by automatically executing the pre-established conditions.
ART DISTRICT: A city 100% focused on art and creativity, with Nft designs all over the city. Aiming through an Nft, to enter the metaverse of the artist.With its colours, its phrases, its landscapes, and everything that the artist’s creativity can bring to his metaverse.For example, the NFT can be a font or a painting. The user will be able to immerse himself in the fountain or the painting, and thus enter as if it were a portal to the artist’s metaverse.In the future, Xave’s idea is to bring xave.Market into the metaverse.There are other cities but they do not come so much to the case, a city of extreme sports, and the island of electronic music (I love this idea).2- Xave.Market. A Marketplace of Nft.We have 2 curators from prestigious galleries in Spain and Argentina, as well as internationally renowned artists such as Maria Carlo Genovesi.But the idea is that in the future, it will be a place open to all kinds of artists from all over the world.3- Xave Wallet.From here users will be able to manage their investments and rewards for logging and offer liquidity to the markets.4-XVC Xavecoin. The native currency of the metaverse and the Market.It is the main exchange currency in the World.Through this currency, the user will have different benefits, in terms of discounts, hold and the purchase of space or accessories within Xave World. 5 – Xave Impact Found, to add value to the world.The 4 or 5% of all sales and turnover of xave, will be destined to impact projects.Currently while launching Metarex Inc.A company in London, formed by Xave and 2 other companies.The purpose of this project is to finance the purchase of a Tyrannosaurus Rex T Bone Black, of which there are only 5 in the world.The price is 32.000.000 USD, Soft Cap.The purpose of the project is to return the 66 million-year-old fossil remains to the patrimony of humanity, to exhibit them in different spaces and museums.In simple words, it is bought to be donated.Each NFT will be backed by a dinosaur bone (currently being launched).Both the OTT platforms for concerts, ticketing and Wallet, are white labels.This means if any of you can contact any business, and bring it to the table. We can get to market the technology, and share the profits with whoever brings the business.Important link:
Telegram :
Twitter:  ttps:// 
Here I give all the links where you can see all the projects.

Thanks so much for your time, I hope you answer

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