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Sonic Bytes Token – Revolutionizing the Crypto Industry

Many people believe that cryptocurrency is the technology of the future. Individuals frequently have been investing in cryptocurrency for several years, and they have been intrigued by its development and application.


When Binance introduced Smart Contracts, it opened up a whole new world of possibilities. It is also difficult to obtain a comprehensive picture of various initiatives and to track their progress.


It’s difficult to tell whether the project has a future or if they’re just trying to cheat you. There are just no tools available that give the prerequisites for investing in and following various cryptocurrency initiatives in a secure manner.


But don’t you think there must be a reliable solution for all these problems? If you think the same, then the good news is, yes, there is an effective solution for this – and that solution is SONIC Bytes Token.


Haven’t you heard of it yet? Well, don’t worry, I’ll review everything about SONIC Token!

What is SONIC Bytes Token?

We all know that most cryptocurrencies and tokens have a certain feature that makes them stand out from the crowd. However, they do not supply more than one functionality at a time, which is a drawback in this case.


When it comes to future technologies, crypto is the most promising, and if this technology is not fully utilized, it is not fair.


This is where the SONIC token comes in. It is the solution to all of these difficulties. For the first time on the market, a currency has been introduced that possesses the greatest number of cryptographic properties while also utilizing the blockchain as its foundational technology.


When used to their greatest potential, this coin redefines what a genuinely decentralized platform is capable of doing and performing.

How Sonic Bytes Token Works?

One of the most innovative and groundbreaking approaches to the centralized platform, SONIC Token, is being created as a decentralized alternative. SONIC Token is a new cryptocurrency token that has just been released.


It has just lately been introduced to the market. The quick surge in the value of the SONIC Token has piqued the interest of industry experts. One of the primary reasons for this is the rise in popularity of DeFi (decentralized finance) tokens, which are becoming increasingly popular. When compared to other digital currencies, the system has distinguishing characteristics.


SONIC Token is a one-of-a-kind cryptocurrency. It offers incentives to its customers simply for participating in the game itself. Holders will get a reward in the form of a token for each transaction that is completed successfully.


In addition, there are other more features, such as automated awards and reflections with each transaction. SONIC Token is the cryptocurrency with the greatest number of features available on the market.

Features of SONIC Bytes Token

Blocked Reflection

There are also smart contracts that allow for reflections in their liquidity pool.  The result of doing so is unbalanced liquidity, which results in a decrease in the value of their coin.


Reflections to the liquidity pool are prevented by SONIC’s Advanced Smart Contract. This helps to keep the value of your SONIC tokens stable. The holders will receive the maximum quantity of reflections as a result of this technique.

Clean Burn Address

A significant portion of the reflections is absorbed by other Burn addresses. This results in a significant amount of the total reflect being lost by the token holders. 


However, SONIC Tokens have prevented reflections to SONIC’s burn address and have developed a clean burn concept that is incorporated into their transaction pricing structure.


This increases the number of reflections available to holders, and a proportion of SONIC Tokens is automatically burnt with each transaction, diminishing the quantity of SONIC Tokens.

No sharing of Liquidity Pools

The proportion of the liquidity pool that goes to each wallet may be shared with other wallets in some smart contracts; however, in the case of SONIC Tokens, 3 percent goes to the liquidity pool and is not shared with any other wallet.

Control over Smart Contract

After a certain period of time, certain smart contracts abandon their ownership. Consequently, they are left with nothing and unable to alter or update their liquidity pool routers.


As a result of this oversight, SONIC Tokens have taken full command of the smart contract and will not allow it to be revoked.

Usage on All SONIC Apps

As a result of digital marketing and the distribution of coins, tokens, and NFTs, the platform will generate money while also rewarding its users and owners alike.


To purchase items and make payments for transactions, the SONIC Bytes Token will be accepted across all of their apps.

Pricing & Other Details

The ticker name for this coin is “SONIC.” It is based on Binance Smart Chain with a current total supply of 1,000,000,000,000,000.


If we talk about the transaction fee, then a 10 % fee will be applied to all transactions.


An additional 5 % of the fee is redistributed to all current holders. This is referred to as reflections, and it is a reward for holding on.


The 3 % cost is split 50/50, with half of it going to BNB and the other half going to the contract. The other half of the SONIC tokens, on the other hand, are instantly paired with the previously stated BNB and placed as a liquidity pair on Uniswap.


SONIC’s Burn wallet, which contains an actual burn, receives a 2 % share of the total. However, reflections will not be able to be received by the Burn wallet.


Therefore, all reflections are distributed to holders in full, and the burn wallet is unable to minimize the proportion of reflections that go to holders.

Final Verdict

Considering the drawbacks of all other platforms, including Binance, it won’t be wrong to say that SONIC Bytes has actually introduced something that can revolutionize the future of the crypto market.


It is all possible with the use of SONIC Tokens. You can get much more perks using SONIC Tokens than any other Crypto token.


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