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[Ann] ???? HRS ???? A Metaverse Creation Community Based on Blockchain

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is used to describe the future Internet iteration concept consisting of a shared, 3D virtual space linked, perceptible virtual world.
Metaverse can be roughly understood as a more immersive and participating Internet, and games are the best carrier of metaverse.
The core of the metaverse can be divided into three levels:
1. Data layer: people, things, environment
2. Interaction layer: interaction between people (social), the interaction between people and things (transaction and economy)
3. Technical layer: all technical scenarios that provide technical support (5G/AI/Internet of Things/cloud/blockchain, etc.)
Meta universe is not equivalent to “virtual space”, “virtual economy”, or just a game or UGC platform

The Role of Blockchain in the Metaverse

• Decentralized storage of items and settings in the game on the Blockchain, metauniverse players can truly own their virtual properties and bring them to different game worlds;
• Through the agreement or ecosystem built on the Blockchain, creators can get reasonable compensation through free competition, and consumers can also get adequate protection.
• Blockchain-integrated smart contracts allow users to write contract codes to meet the needs of various complex business scenarios, automatically execute processes under conditions set by the code in advance, and improve process processing efficiency. While not relying on a third-party central organization, it ensures the security and transparency of business execution, thereby completely solving the trust problem.
• Blockchain technology is the best technological path to realize a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and an inevitable choice for building a metauniverse industrial community.

The Combination of NFT and Mobile Games

● NFT achieves the upgrade of the game: The economic system with NFT as the core provides players with more flexible game strategies. Players can “directly” buy heroes instead of going through a painful upgrade path. Digital IP constructed through NFT replaces traditional virtual characters, making it easier for players to display and trade, and proving its scarcity in the market. Players can enjoy playing and earning, instead of continuing to recharge to win. Therefore, for players, consumption in the game is no longer a sunk cost, which means that players are more willing to invest time and energy.
● Game assets are established for trading: NFT assets are issued based on game scenarios, due to the extremely strong collectability of game IPs and props, and distinguish them according to usage characteristics/levels, making players highly attractive to collecting and trading such game assets.


Token-based governance structure

● Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) is a transparent code-setting rule that can be unaffected by any central organization. DAO uses the Blockchain to verify every piece of information. It has the characteristics of automated execution, uniform rules, and high
transparency so that stakeholders can fully express their interests.
● The HRS platform uses platform governance tokens to power the platform model of its community operations. Token holders have role rights, can vote on platform upgrades, and determine the direction of Metaverse’s further development. In addition to making system update decisions, governance token holders can also become part of HRS’s community-based platform audit. For example, the community can vote to decide which games or Metaverse scenes can be listed as weekly selections, thereby providing support for the popularity and user volume required by creators.

HRS Network

1)State channel layer(fChannel)
The state channel layer can be analogous to the network interface layer in the Internet TCP/IP model. Its basic function is to provide the transition and connection between chain and chain, and is responsible for the creation and management of the channel between the two.
2)Routing layer (fRoute) The routing layer is above the state channel layer and can be compared to the network layer of the Internet, the well-known IP protocol. Its main responsibility is to maintain an actual network topology, mainly to solve the problems of optimal routing, congestion control, and network interconnection.
3)Operating system layer(fOS)The operating system layer corresponds to the conventional operating system, and it’s main function is to isolate the underlying technical details, thereby providing an operating layer that is easy to develop, run, and can interact with the DApp layer simply and effectively.

Application Scenarios

1)Scalability and liquidity off-chain
HRS Network is a high-performance parallel chain architecture. We can expand as many as 100 parallel chains and provide scalability in the form of one chain and one application.We will launch HRSswap, the key application of HRS Network, to provide deep liquidity for users on the HRS chain to use AMA.
2)Cross-chain architecture HRS has launched the cross-chain payment network HRS fBridge, which expands the HRS state channel to realize the enhancement of the existing protocol so that it can run on multiple chains at the same time.
3)Safety performance Each parallel chain of HRS Network is a complete and independent blockchain public chain, and different consensus methods (POS, POW) can be used between them. All data nodes will be transmitted to HRS Network through the HRS slot, and the key node verifier (neural unit) running on HRS Network completes Byzantine fault tolerance, ensuring safety.


• HRS is a Token standardized contract generated in the HRS Network system. It relies on the Metaverse UGC content engine and the HRS industry community to provide a closed-loop economic system for the establishment and development of the Metaverse.
• HRS is currently based on the decentralized Blockchain digital assets issued by ERC20, which will be further upgraded to a public chain for the entire industry in the future.
• HRS is an equity token used for financing and realizing appreciation through the application of circulation, supply reduction and destruction mechanisms, and circulation reduction.
• The total amount of HRS is constant and will never be issued.

Token Function

• As the HRS platform’s creative incentive for NFT creators and Metaverse developers
• The creator uses HRS to price NFT works
• Buyers can use HRS to participate in bidding and pay
• Use HRS to offset transaction fees
• HRS serves as a voucher for community supporters, and holders can participate in platform decision-making and community operations
• HRS holders can participate in various activities on the HRS platform
• Using HRS Network, there will be usage fees in some scenarios, and this part of the fee needs to be paid in HRS
• Tokens can be used in pledge mining, liquidity mining and other scenarios in the HRS ecosystem to obtain more favorable capital returns

Distribution/Output Mechanism

• The value of HRS is based on the value of digital assets on the HRS platform, and the output of the token uses a deflation model.
• HRS will set up airdrop rewards and game mining rewards for players based on the overall participation and game completion of the metaverse construction.
• In addition, the HRS team will also work with other Blockchain ecosystem participants to jointly promote the HRS ecology. At that time, investors can obtain new HRS tokens through irregular activities such as staking pledge mining.


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